Science classes for Middle school students looking to engage in a community of bright, creative and broad-minded peers.

Tutored by the leading world teachers!

Science Class
• Improve Students Curiosity

Develop leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills

• Build interest in the wider world and work on projects that spark your your interest

Practice of English

$60 / 4 week
Engaging a child in interesting and educational activities can contribute to their development and well-rounded learning.

Give your kid an opportunity to gain self confidence and be competitive in the modern world.

Diversity is essential for fostering innovation, creativity, and social cohesion, as it brings together a wide range of perspectives and experiences to drive progress and inclusivity in society.

Our mission
To create a unique place for international communication, soft skills development and talent promotion.
Why learn soft skills?
The academic and technical skills that we acquire through education cannot always be put into practice effectively. Soft Skills are vital to apply our technical skills and nurture our ability to cooperate with others.
What are soft skills?
Soft and technical skills go hand in hand. Often called social behavioral skills, Soft Skills are abilities that guide us into an empathetic interaction with society. Therefore, they refine our communication skills, understanding leadership and teamwork, emotional intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking which allow us to apply the knowledge we learn elsewhere.
Practice of English
As they say, practice makes perfect. Exercising languages on a regular basis enhances proficiency in speaking and develops confidence. Succeeding in a language drives more interest in learning and utilizing it in everyday life.
Why choose us?
The modern lifestyles of our society have changed considerably in the recent years. Younger generations spend increasingly more time using digital communications of all kinds which replace the valuable face to face interactions.

We believe that children do not get the chance to build the interpersonal skills that they essentially need, compared to the past generations.

We acknowledge the value of diversity and the importance of developing the soft skills that support almost every activity in life. Using modern methodology and a cutting-edge educational program, we offer a unique environment that encourages each student to build soft skills and gain confidence in using them effectively.

Classes are taken by a world professional, who creates an incredibly affected approach that every student will love.
What to expect:
  • 1 live lessons per week in groups of 10 students
  • Research interesting projects
  • Meet students from all over the world
  • Have fun
  • Graduation Certificate
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Get in touch with us today to book your place on our fantastic course. Your first class is completely free, we are that confident you will love the experience.